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TOP OF MIND podcasts are an excellent way for you to discuss and highlight your work, edtech pain points, showcase your university’s IT innovations, and more.

YOUImmortalize your ideas in a digital podcast hosted by The Tambellini Group; take your topics of importance and broadcast them to a broad audience; have your innovations shared with your peers on social media platforms ...

USWe’ll do the heavy lifting for you: we’ll highlight you and your university to the extensive readership base on; promote your university’s innovations via social media and email; help plan your podcast, then prep you to ensure you are viewed as an industry innovator and leader within the higher ed community ...

To apply now—simply send us an email and suggest each of your proposed topics, and why you should be the next CIO to be profiled on TOP OF MIND with The Tambellini Group.

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Need topic ideas, let us help! Send us an email expressing your interest in participating, along with why you should be selected. Then if selected, we’ll brainstorm with you to select topic(s) to highlight you and your organization.

*Approximate time commitment is 45 minutes: introductory/planning call for approximately 20 minutes, scheduled recording about a week later — usually takes about 20 minutes.

Listen to a recent podcast

Dave Weil - Top of Mind Podcast

Dave Weil, Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Ithaca College — discussed a workshop that he ran that examined possible future scenarios such as what if Alexa was connected to the ERP system? or what if students and faculty could use their mobile devices to complete all their work?

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